A person who is truly "miserable" will have some habits

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A person who is truly "miserable" will have some habits

Text/Xia Mo

01. Preface

On the road of life, no one knows what the future will look like. A person's character, mentality and habits, in fact, are subtly changing the trajectory of life. In life, what kind of life a person will live depends on himself. Entrepreneur Feng Lun said: "The real greatness of a person is not to lead others, but to manage oneself." Women who are not good at self-management are easily controlled by negative energy in life, so that they can't overcome difficulties and surpass themselves. A woman will live a hard life or be rich, it can be seen from her habits. People who are really suffering are often relatively small in these places, and I hope you don't.

02. Small-minded and caring.

The more caring people, the more difficult their life will be. Small-minded people like to care, when they get along with others, they always want to take advantage, and can't take a small loss. In everything, always put your own "interests" first. In interpersonal communication, everyone has a scale in their hearts. No one is stupid. After a person is taken advantage of by others, he can see his character clearly. It is difficult for people with small hearts to make friends who are sincerely waiting for them, and the road ahead will not be easy. Because, he likes to calculate too much, and he doesn't know how to repay his kindness. People who like to calculate seem to get some small benefits, but in fact they block their future development. Small-minded people always lose their own pattern in order to care about trivial matters. All my life, I have been calculating small accounts and taking up small profits, so there will not be much development prospects. Because no one is willing to cooperate with those who love to covet petty gain and value profit over righteousness. Therefore, those who are too small-minded are destined to live more and more bitterly, and the road of life is destined to become narrower and narrower.

03. People with small gas volume, like to be angry

People with small gas volume, like to be angry and easily controlled by emotions. People who are easily controlled by emotions often live in negative energy, cannot see the beauty of life, and the more they live, the more miserable they become. Orison Madden wrote in "The Capital of a Lifetime": "At no time should a man be a slave to his own emotions, and should not make all actions subject to his emotions, but should control them in turn. "During the period of Emperor Wei and Ming of the Three Kingdoms, the great Sima Cao Xiu was eager to make military exploits, so he did not see that Sun Wu's Zhou Bing was a swindle. He suffered heavy losses and was defeated by Shiting, with huge losses of soldiers and vehicles. In war, it is inevitable that there will be defeats, but Cao Xiu has never suffered such a defeat, and he is very angry. He was worried and depressed, unable to let out the bad anger in his heart, which caused sores on his back, and the medication did not improve. He died within a month, at the age of forty. In fact, it wasn't the sore on his back that killed him, but he couldn't think of it and lived in anger, which caused stagnation of qi and blood, which caused worse results to the body. When the air is small, the negative emotions will increase, and I always feel that all the people in the world can't get along with him, and nothing is going well. Controlled by emotions, you become emotional slaves. Negative emotions will not only consume a person's mental energy and affect his health, but also make a person lose sight of the good side of life. People who live more and more miserably have small temperament and love to get angry. They often live in huge negative emotions and cannot extricate themselves.

04. Small tolerance, love to complain

On the road of life, people with small tolerance love to complain, can't accept new things, and often besiege themselves. Yu Shiwei said: "Character determines destiny, and temperament affects the pattern." People with small temperament always get caught up in one little thing, which leads to wasting all day. Moreover, getting along with people, people with small tolerance, especially love to hold grudges. Originally, a trivial matter could have ended by saying "I'm sorry", but he kept it in his heart and kept mentioning it endlessly. If a person likes to complain, has a small tolerance, and can't see everything, then he will eventually be "trapped by love". Every day, he is entangled, who owes him, and who has done something that makes him feel sad. On the road of life, what really makes a person live a hard life is often not caused by others, but by himself. People who like to complain and have a small temperament are unwilling to solve problems by themselves, and are unwilling to run forward. In negative emotions, I wasted my youth and years. Also, they often look down on others. The people around him are prosperous. He will not learn from experience or actively improve himself. Instead, he will say something jealous, complain, and even deliberately smear others. People who like to complain and have small temperament are easy to offend people, and the road of life will not be easy.

05. Summary

On the road of life, please manage yourself well, don’t overthink it, don’t always get angry, and don’t get caught in negative emotions and waste own time and energy. Lin Qingxuan said: "Life is just like this, the pursuit of becoming a better, more spiritual and spiritual self." This life is actually a process of self-cultivation. In life, everything starts from oneself, and there is no need to find reasons from others. Get along with people, be open-minded, and don't just see the immediate interests. You don't have to be envious or jealous of others, but you should strive to be yourself and live your own life well. Everyone has their own success and will pay the corresponding price. Don't think too much, manage yourself well, and then you will have a broader space and a bigger stage to develop. Regardless of success or failure, you must learn to let go, adjust your mentality, and start over. Live in the present to manage the future. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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