Divorce after the child is two years old

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Divorce after the child is two years old

Wen | Wen'er's current love is full of variables, marriage is full of unstable factors, and divorce has become a very common thing. If you don't have children, it's okay to say, once you have children, child custody becomes a big problem. Especially now, the first two years after giving birth to a child are the most unstable time of marriage. After giving birth to a child, many women can thoroughly see the face of the person they are married, and do not report any hope for future marriage and life. And now women have awakened and know how to stop losses in time. Therefore, more and more young couples filed for divorce in the first two years after having children.

In order to fight for custody, many men deliberately delay the divorce until the child is two years old.

The Civil Code stipulates that the child must be within two years of age. , the husband and wife divorced child custody rights in principle belong to the woman. After the child is 2 years old, if the parents cannot negotiate, the people's court will make a judgment that is beneficial to the child's growth according to the circumstances. Therefore, in real life, even if many men have no sense of family responsibility and do not love their children, they still have the custody of their children in their hands. On the one hand, I don't have to pay custody, and I also throw it to my parents when I am by my side, and the custody is more free in my own hands. On the other hand, you can use child custody as a bargaining chip. Knowing that children are the soft underbelly of mothers, you can use child custody to control mothers, so that mothers will not have a good life after divorce. Therefore, many men deliberately postpone the divorce until the child is two years old. In this way, if the man has a stable job, has an economic foundation, and the child lives in the man's family for a long time, then the man has a greater chance of winning custody. So mothers must understand that if there is a problem of principle between husband and wife, they are about to divorce, and do not want the custody of the child to be taken away by the man, you can make the following preparations:

First of all, you must ensure that you have a stable job and have an economic foundation.

Having basic economic conditions is the most basic condition for fighting for child custody. If the woman had been a stay-at-home mother for her child and went to the point of divorce, not only would she not be compensated, she would also be unable to fight for child custody with no income. Therefore, this also reminds women that if they have a stable job with a good income when they are pregnant and giving birth, they should not quit their jobs and become housewives for their children unless they have to. If you really want to be a housewife at home, maintain your ability to study, go to work as soon as you can get rid of yourself, and have your own income, this is not only your own retreat and confidence, but also a guarantee for your children.

Live with the children:

The husband and wife are not in harmony, and they usually choose to separate before the divorce. If separated, no matter how difficult it is, the mother should take the child with her. If the mother wants to go to work, let the elderly help with it, or ask a nanny to take it. In this way, the child is living with the mother for a long time, and the child has become accustomed to such a living environment. For the healthy growth of the child, the court will not easily change the child's living environment, so that it is easier for the mother to obtain custody of the child. Of course, it is necessary to collect evidence of the care of the child when he was a child, and the mother's care and concern for the growth of the child. Hey, it's sad to think about it. Mom is not easy. The law may seem unfair, but it's actually so unfair. You have to have evidence of taking care of your children all the time, and you have to have a stable job. [Topic discussion: Are there any couples around you who divorced before the age of two children? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological counselor, author of original parenting comics, welcome to pay attention to [Little Wife], you can find the answers to family education, mental health, child development, and fashion education you want to know.
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