Full of sadness! Dad forced to head 'fully armed' to kiss daughter of more than two months

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Full of sadness! Dad forced to head 'fully armed' to kiss daughter of more than two months

When a baby is young, there are many areas that require extra attention from parents. For many new parents, everything about the baby seems so cautious. The child's body has no resistance, can't blow the air conditioner, and can't have close contact with adults... Some of these statements are scientifically justified, and more Part of it is parental overprotection. The sincerity of the parents is still touching.

Father was forced to "full arm" to kiss his daughter who was more than two months old

What does this father look like? dress up? Wrap your entire head in plastic wrap, including your mouth, eyes, and even your nose, so you can still breathe? As if doing some kind of performance art, it's surprising. In fact, he is not grandstanding, he just wants to kiss his little padded jacket that has just been born for more than two months. However, the mother said that if the father kissed the baby without any cover, the germs in the mouth would be passed on to the baby, threatening the life and health of the baby. Therefore, this baby dad was forced to accept the mother's request to cover his mouth with plastic wrap. Only in this way can he get his wish and get close to his daughter. But judging from the little girl's expression, she was not frightened by her father's behavior, nor did she experience any happiness. But this baby dad has a smile in his heart, don't care what he looks like now, as long as he realizes his wish. Although his lips did not touch the baby's skin, he knew in his heart that what he was doing was really kissing the baby, and that was enough.

Netizens complained about this behavior.

Mom is clearly making fun of Dad. If Dad just wants to kiss his daughter, does he just need to touch his daughter with his mouth? , in order to prevent the transmission of bacteria, isn't the only thing that needs to be isolated is Dad's mouth? Then why do you have to surround your nose and even put your eyes on it? This is obviously to make fun of Dad! Although the body resistance is very weak for a child who is just two months old, it will not cause problems with a kiss! If the child is so squeamish, shouldn't they be sent to the incubator? Newborns don't need this. How can a two-month-old baby not be as good as a newborn? Excessive protection is even more harmful to children. In fact, this phenomenon is also very common in life. Many new mothers will make a lot of noise because of some habits of the older generation, which makes everyone very tired. Don't do this, don't do that, and even keep a safe distance from your child at all times. Is this an overprotection? Although the mother will not harm the baby, this excessive tension does more harm than good to the development of the child in all aspects. Once a habit is formed, if the child is still so careful when he grows up, doesn't it evolve into a mother's baby? After all, children are not flowers in a greenhouse, and it is very necessary to accept appropriate tests and setbacks. It's like letting the father kiss the baby as he wants, isn't it also a disguised way to strengthen the baby's own resistance? The status of the father in the family is obvious. In a family, if the mother is too strong, it will have a great negative impact on the child's future character. The father must obey the mother in everything he does, and he has no prestige at all, which will make the child develop the concept of weakness in the male role. To put it mildly, it is to be resigned to the strong management of my mother, and I am used to it. I do whatever my mother says, and I dare not resist at all, nor do I dare to do anything against my mother. It gradually evolved into a kind of filial piety. If it is more serious, it will affect the future concept of marriage and mate choice. I feel that men are unreliable, and I have to obey my own words like my father obeys my mother. A little discrepancy will be unacceptable, become egoistic and arrogant, and the correct growth environment is that both parents perform their own duties, will not restrain or oppress each other, but live in a benign and harmonious mode of living together , let the children feel this happiness, and then they can successfully grow into a person with a sound personality!

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