"I married far away to escape my family of origin" the married woman complained tearfully, breaking her parents' eccentricity

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"I married far away to escape my family of origin" the married woman complained tearfully, breaking her parents' eccentricity

Wen|Wen'er all said that far-off marriages are destined to be children lost by their parents. The girl who married far fulfilled her love, but owed her parents' kindness. Some girls choose to marry far away because they feel that they have met the right person and are reckless for love regardless of the consequences. And some girls just want to marry far away, they want to get rid of their original family through far marriage. My neighbors are daughters from abroad who have married far away. Once we talked about this topic, I couldn't help but ask her why she chose to marry so far away from home in the first place? With tears in her eyes, the older sister, who has two children, spoke out about her experience when she heard the topic. "I live in an extremely patriarchal family. Since I was a child, my parents' attention and thoughts were all on my younger brother, and they kept telling me that it was right to take care of my younger brother as an older sister. My academic performance was better, but high school did not allow me to do so. I got into it, and I thought I was spending money, so I went out to work, and I sent home the money I earned every month. When I turned 18, I was asked to go home for a blind date, and the introductions were all near my home. At that time, I understood that if I married In the future, I will be exploited by my parents endlessly. So I ran away from home and went to work in another place. On the way to work, I met my husband and knew that he was from another place. I married him and came here with him without hesitation. Marrying far away is to escape from the family of origin." After listening to this sister's words, I was really distressed. If the original family is very happy, and the daughter is the mother's little padded jacket, how can she be willing to stay away from her parents.

Many girls who marry far are heartbroken by their original family and choose to marry away

The original family affects one It is an undeniable fact that people will choose their mates in the future. If a girl is full of love and care from her parents since she was a child, she will live happily in her own home. So in a girl's heart, parents and family relationships play a very important role. No matter where she goes in the future, this relationship will not be easily given up. They also have the idea of ​​marrying far away in their hearts. The girls around me who have been doted on by their parents since childhood and have a happy family, do not talk about other places when they are in love, but they do not want to be too far away from their parents. And some girls, who have not been valued since childhood, were treated differently, were verbally abused, were not warmed or treated kindly in their native families, and were extremely lacking in love. If this kind of girl grows up and goes to work in another place, she will be easily moved when she encounters a man from another place who treats her a little bit, and then gets married at the place where she works, or goes back to the man's hometown with a man from another place. There are also some children who have not received a little warmth in their own homes since childhood, and they have no nostalgia for their original family in their hearts. Once they are able to get out of the house, they don't want to go back. When you get married and have children in other places, you have your own small family, you have a sense of belonging, and the original family will become less and less tied to you.

The girl's original family is not good, and don't think about changing it with marriage, otherwise it may jump from one fire pit to another fire pit

The original family is not good, and girls who lack love are most likely to fantasize about love and achieve redemption through marriage. But the reality often hits people hard. The family has not made their life easier. They may have jumped into another fire pit and have a new catastrophe. Marriage has never been a way of redemption. Don't think that you have found a life-saving straw because of your youth or a little gesture of a man, and try to change your destiny through marriage. Don't regret it after you hurt yourself. Always love yourself first and improve yourself. If the family of origin is not happy, you can go to work in other places to improve yourself. When you are strong, marriage is the icing on the cake. [Topic discussion: Is there a girl who is married far away by your side? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological counselor, author of original parenting comics, welcome to pay attention to [Little Wife], you can find the answers to family education, mental health, child development, and fashion education you want to know.
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