Father sued his 5-year-old son to court to reduce child support: too selfish, if there is a stepmother, there will be a stepfather

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Father sued his 5-year-old son to court to reduce child support: too selfish, if there is a stepmother, there will be a stepfather

01 There is such a ridiculous news on the Internet: The father took his 5-year-old son to court for lowering child support. It was the first time I saw that the biological father sued his own son like this, it was a 5-year-old child. What is going on, let me tell you in detail: There is a couple who agreed that after their divorce, the father of the child, Zhang Bing (pseudonym), would pay the child 2,200 yuan a month in child support. I pay more than 2,000 yuan a month to support my son, which is not much money. However, just five months ago, Zhang Bing requested that the child support be reduced to 1,000 yuan on the grounds of his low income. After negotiation with his ex-wife failed, Zhang Bing took his 5-year-old son to court. See how outrageous this is? Moreover, according to his ex-wife Chen Juan, Zhang Bing rarely visited their mother and son after the divorce, and the alimony was delayed again and again, and even once Chen Juan applied to the court for enforcement. Fortunately, the court was more fair and rejected Zhang Bing's claim. Why did Zhang Bing suddenly reduce the child support? Because his income decreased after remarriage, and the number of people who needed to be cared for after remarriage and childbirth increased. I was surprised, I wanted to ask Zhang Bing, won't your remarried wife support herself? Could it be that your remarried wife also brought a child? If you did this stupid thing because you were instigated by your remarried wife, then you are really in a daze. You would rather raise other people's children at the expense of your own children's interests. It's stupid! Zhang Bing also brought his 5-year-old son to court. In order to please his remarried wife, what he did is incredible. There is an old saying that is true: if there is a stepmother, there will be a stepfather, and neither Ning nor the beggar will be the official father. Zhang Bing doing this reminded me of the plot in the TV series "My First Half of Life": After Chen Junsheng and Ling Ling got married, Ling Ling quickly revealed her true colors. She instigated Junsheng to call Luo Zijun and let Luo Zijun take over the big house. Give it to them, and then give Luo Zijun an additional 500,000. Luo Zijun agreed to move to a small house, but she didn't want Chen Jun to give birth to 500,000. Is Lingling thinking about Junsheng and their family? No, she is for herself and her son, and she will use Junsheng's money to support her son. It's ridiculous, why did you let Chen Junsheng raise the son you gave birth to with someone else, and what does your son have to do with Junsheng? Another time, after the divorce, Luo Zijun went to the previous home to pick up the child, and finally reunited with his son, but Chen Junsheng went to accompany Ling Ling and her child. It was raining when they came back, Chen Junsheng hugged Jiaqing, Ping'er saw it and called out "Dad". Luo Zijun hurriedly carried Ping'er away. Later, even when Pinger went to see his grandparents, his room was robbed by Jiaqing, and Pinger even had to sleep underground. I don't know if Chen Junsheng has any regrets, after all, he used to love Ping'er and raised Ping'er for so many years. Why are you so willing to raise other people's children? If there is a stepmother, there is a stepfather. Although Chen Junsheng is still responsible for Ping'er, he is different from a stepfather. 02 Does a man really think that if he raises the child of his remarried wife, he will treat you kindly in the future? I want to tell you the truth: dreaming. A reader told me her father-in-law's story, and it was her father-in-law's story that convinced her of karma. Her father-in-law was lying in bed and couldn't move. He needed to go to the hospital, so he thought of calling his own son. He used blood to kidnap his own son. How ridiculous, the stepson and stepdaughters who used to be dutiful sons and worthy grandsons don't care about him now, and all the money he saves is spent on them, which is like a waste of water, raising a group of white-eyed wolves. If people don't still kiss their parents, who will care about you, an outsider. When something happens, in the end the only one who can be depended on is his own child. "My husband has never been to his father's house since his parents divorced, and that house would not be his home if the hostess changed. Then, in his impression, the so-called father has always been raising his stepchildren. Do your best. The stepson and stepdaughters were quite filial at first, because my father-in-law had a high pension. When their mother died and my father-in-law fell ill, those step-children treated my father-in-law as a burden, and no one cared about him. He didn't pay a penny when we bought the house, he used the money to buy a house for his stepson and stepdaughter, and he also wanted to settle the account with his stepson and stepdaughter, but the question is, do you have any evidence?" The reader said that her father-in-law died in tears Yes, and in the end it was her husband who took care of his funeral. He didn't want to take care of it at first, but he was his father anyway, and his mother also advised him not to care about a dead person, and her husband also assumed the responsibility of the "eldest son". Regret is the fruit at the beginning, but it is not the cause that he planted by "cutting off blood relatives" with his own heart. Would you rather raise other people's children than your own? Isn't that stupid? You don't even treat your own children well, what do you think you can get? 03

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I think a man must fulfill his responsibilities as a father, even if you divorce your wife Yes, but when it's time to give the money, go when it's time to look after the children. Otherwise, if you don't raise your children, why should you let them treat you well? Men who raise other people's children are stupid. Time will tell. Your miserliness towards your own children will make them feel bad about you and make them feel like you're not a father because you never did your job. Do you really get what you deserve when you court a child who doesn't belong to you? Facts have proved that people are selfish, and helping others to raise children is often futile. Take Zhang Bing at the beginning of the chapter as an example, since his current wife can instigate him to do such absurd things, it can show that his current position is selfish and not a good person. The current wife is not kind and can raise any good children. Even if Zhang Bing helped her raise a child, people will say "who let you do it yourself" in the future. Will a person who does not have a three-dimensional view of right and wrong repay you? dream! A selfish man like Zhang Bing can still find someone to remarry, which is really a saddle for a horse, and the couple is a piece of shit. A divorce lawyer once said something that I think is quite pertinent: "Man, don't fight for property with your wife in this divorce, it's unnecessary, especially when custody is given to your ex-wife. You have to let your ex-wife have children. Live a little better. At the same time, you should visit your children often and spend more time with them, so that you will not regret it. If you are divorced, you should still be a good father." From the perspective of marriage psychology, men need to know that you and your children are nothing. The natural connection, how to make the person you love love you more, is to be kind to him. The same is true for the child, how to let the child hurt you is that you have to take good care of him. So I advise some men, even if you and your wife are divorced, the custody of the children is in the hands of the wife, but you should look after the children and you must fulfill your responsibilities and obligations. The relationship between you and your child is cultivated the day after tomorrow. If you don’t support him, what face will he have to support you in the future? Never let your child hate you. You have to know that a point is lost when a family is torn apart. Once it is destroyed in person, it can never be recovered. Don't do stupid things, let alone do stupid things, everything in the world has cause and effect, you can do it yourself. Today's topic: What do you think of the man in the article who took his 5-year-old son to court to reduce child support? Welcome to leave a message. - END - ★ Author: YIBAO; emotional original author, writing warm emotional things in this world.
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