After school started, foreign children met each other and looked at each other very curiously. Netizens: Braised eggs and boiled eggs met

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After school started, foreign children met each other and looked at each other very curiously. Netizens: Braised eggs and boiled eggs met

In life, foreigners have become more and more common. With the continuous warming of international relations, more and more foreigners come to live and study in China, and we have long been taken for granted. But for children, when they see foreigners who are different from themselves, they will still maintain a high degree of excitement and curiosity. How can he grow up like this?

After school started, no foreign children met, and they looked at each other very curiously

In a kindergarten in Fujian, we welcomed a somewhat special Little boy, he is of mixed Chinese and African blood, but because of the strong African blood, the skin color and appearance of this little boy have African attributes. It looks like a foreign child. For the kindergarten teachers and other parents, I don't think there is anything strange. After all, this foreign child has lived in China since he was a child, speaks Chinese, and can communicate with us without barriers. It's just that the complexion is a little darker, which is not surprising. But for kids, the difference is huge. After all, at this stage, children's way of thinking stays at the level of concrete images. They only believe what they see. The dark skin of this foreign child is the main reason for their curiosity. Therefore, the first child in the class who found this foreign child took the initiative to walk up to him and stared at him, as if looking for the answer to some unsolved mystery. But he knew what questions to ask, and the scene was extremely embarrassing. Of course, when Chinese children wonder why foreign children are so dark, foreign children will also be very curious, why is this Chinese child so white? Why does everyone else in the class look different from me? The small head is full of doubts.

Netizen: Braised egg and boiled egg met

On the recorded screen, the contrast in the skin color of the two children is even more obvious. One of them is described as a Braised eggs, one is boiled egg is so appropriate, after all, they all have chubby little heads and the same hairstyle. However, what this foreign child has to face is not just accepting other children's strange eyes, but also trying to adapt to the larger environment of domestic life and resisting the foreign genes in his bones. After all, you have to do as the locals do. Other students need to give him more attention. Although this little boy cannot decide his origin and living environment, it is a very happy thing to be able to stay with his parents. He is also the crystallization of his parents' love and the representative and symbol of a happy life. As his classmate, he should be given more care and love. Help him overcome his inner fears and insecurities. Because when he sees that he is different from other children, he will naturally have a sense of awkwardness. If you grow up with this negative influence from childhood, it is difficult to have a healthy personality and a bright future. What other misunderstandings will there be about the customs of the country! After all, we are a country of etiquette, and we must not let this bad situation affect the overall situation! Parents should also guide him to develop a strong character. Anyone who makes up his mind to live in an unfamiliar environment is respectable. Whether it is Chinese immigrating abroad or foreigners living in China temporarily, there will always be feelings of unease and discomfort. This kind of experience is also the inevitable result of their choice. After all, it is more important to be strong and not be affected by external things. After all, in society, not everyone is full of tolerance and generosity to themselves. Nor can one expect to live on the relief of others. Therefore, in daily life, parents must guide him to become stronger and more resistant to setbacks. You can't be blinded by what other people say, and be in pain. At this time, the more self-confidence and self-improvement, the more you have to live your life for everyone to see, and to prove your ability and belief for your country and nation.

Alpaca mother has something to say:

If possible, parents should also educate their children, try not to stare at others all the time, because this is also impolite, No one wants to become that special existence, so put yourself in the shoes of others and consider it!

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