No ambition is one of the reasons why people who are betrayed by their partners do not live well

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No ambition is one of the reasons why people who are betrayed by their partners do not live well

What is the bison effect? Tell your friends a little story first. In the endless prairie, there lived a group of rabbits and a tiger. Tigers have been catching rabbits for a living, and have long been tired of eating. On this day, a bison came to the grassland, and the tiger drooled when he looked at the thick limbs of the bison and the tendon meat displayed. In this state, the tiger believed that bison meat must be better than rabbit meat, and after giving birth to this ambition to hunt bison, the tiger got out of control and ran towards the bison immediately. Friends, from this little story, do you understand, what is the bison effect? The so-called bison effect refers to the ambition that people have. Ambition is the catalyst of people's desires. It can generate a powerful force in people's hearts, and this force will make people continue to move towards their goals, regardless of any difficulties. Analyzing the problem of being betrayed by a partner from the perspective of the bison effect, I think one of the key reasons why people who are betrayed by their partners are not able to live well is that they have no ambition. Why do you say that?

I. Ambition is the catalyst for desire

Psychologist Feimore discovered a The human motivation spectrum needs to be generated by people's inner desires, and to realize these motivations, one needs to have the internal drive of self-realization, and this internal drive is people's ambition. In layman's terms, ambition strengthens people's desire for power, status, ideals, and honor, and drives people to act. People who lack ambition will stagnate in confusion because they lack the motivation to act. People who are betrayed by their partners do not have the ambition to live a better life. They only think about the comfort and stability of their children and their own lives. They will hesitate to move forward and are unwilling to change themselves. In the stage of being an emotional counselor, I met a female friend who learned that her husband had betrayed her, and her first thought was not to protect her own power and interests, but to think about the stable life of her children and herself. Among them, she did not dare to showdown, she was afraid that once the showdown, her husband would divorce her. However, she couldn't accept the fact that she was betrayed by her husband, so in the struggle between this worry and the conflicting thoughts that she couldn't accept, she became more and more anxious and painful. If she has the ambition to live a better life, she will have a strong demand for a living environment without betrayal, and under the influence of this demand, she either chooses a divorce or actively defends her power and interests. Ambition will make people who have been betrayed by their partners have the courage and confidence to face difficulties. Ambition will make people who have been betrayed by their partners ignore the obstacles and thorns ahead and move forward in the direction of happiness.

Secondly, people will lose courage and self-confidence if they lack the ambition of self-realization.

Why do people who are betrayed by their partners dare not Divorced and afraid of being betrayed by your partner again? Pursuing the root cause is still not strong enough. Have a stable job, are you afraid of being divorced? No, people will have the strength to resist any setbacks and hardships because of self-sufficiency. If people do not have the ability to be independent and have no ambition to realize their self-worth, people will not think about change and just want to live under the shelter of the betrayal. Therefore, people will care about whether their partner will betray them, and people will care about the survival of their marriage. To live a little better, people need a stable job, or the ability to support themselves. Because career can cultivate people's ambition, increase people's cognition and vision, and make people see farther and walk more steadily. People who do not have the ability to work can participate in some training on work skills. People with a stable job can refine their social skills and expand their social resources through work, so that people can manage their careers better and live better.

Three, people lose their hobbies and interests, and people cannot live well

Interests and hobbies are people's yearning for a better life, and people's Realize your ambitions. Because interests and hobbies can make people feel the value and meaning of self-existence, and can make people feel the alternative happiness and satisfaction in life. For example, people who like to read can forget everything and indulge in the world depicted in the book at the stage of reading the book they like. For example, people who like to fish and raise flowers can experience a strange sense of satisfaction and happiness in the process of raising flowers and fishing. What people like and the process of pursuing what they like is the key to a good life. People who have been betrayed and betrayed, if you can put your mind into it, your life will not be bad. If people who are betrayed by their partners have lost their interests and hobbies, and their body and mind are in an environment full of betrayal, then what people think about every day is the betrayal of their partners. Just ask, when people’s thoughts occupy people’s body and mind, Will people live well? Facing the betrayal of your partner, whether you choose to divorce or not, friends should focus on "living well", treat themselves well, and love themselves well. Only in this way, in the journey of life, people will not betray yourself.
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