How would a man choose between a 27-year-old divorced and a 35-year-old unmarried woman?

time:2023-01-29 author:Family life
How would a man choose between a 27-year-old divorced and a 35-year-old unmarried woman?

27-year-old divorced and 35-year-old unmarried woman, how should a man choose to have a happy family


Some people say divorced A married woman is like a coke that has been drunk. Coke is 3 yuan, and the first sip is worth 2 yuan and 9 yuan. And a woman who is not married by the age of 35 is like the expired bird's nest placed in the corner of the supermarket shelf. No matter how high the nutritional value is, it will eventually be replaced by fresh bird's nest. Now that older men are prevalent, there will be 30 million more bachelor men in the country. We may all be faced with such a choice, so how do we choose to have a stable and harmonious marriage and family environment? We need to specifically analyze the relative advantages of these two types of women

27-year-old divorced women

: 1. Younger 2. If you have marriage experience, it should be easier to get along. Relative disadvantages: 1. Second marriage, many times she has experienced your experience. If you find it exciting, she will think you are funny. 2. Maybe your ex-husband will give you a hat from time to time 3. Relative advantages of a 35-year-old unmarried woman with the ties of the previous family

35-year-old unmarried woman

: 1. No marital ties from the former family 2. The first marriage, family happiness depends on the husband and wife to explore and explore together, to discuss the joys and joys of life together 3. Such women will be more loyal to marriage than 27-year-old women Relative disadvantages: 1. Old age and fading 2. She is still unmarried at such an old age, there must be her reasons, or her feelings are hurt, or her personality is strong or her eyes are low. 3. Maybe she married you just a compromise to her stubbornness, not necessarily satisfied with you


No matter what kind of woman you start a family with, our purpose is to have a harmonious family environment. Maintaining a harmonious family environment is conducive to your own physical and mental happiness and the healthy growth of your children. How to maintain it? People will forget. Recording the good life of the family and jointly maintaining a good family memory will greatly improve the happiness and harmony of marriage and family. Family space applet illustration
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