In-depth: How to avoid an object from derailing

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In-depth: How to avoid an object from derailing


Today we will discuss two things: One: How do men and women choose their partners. Two: why do men and women cheat. The following will be an in-depth analysis of two aspects: men choose women, and women choose men.

Men choose women

The first choice for looks, men are lecherous. A beautiful woman, even if she doesn't want to be a wife, be a girlfriend, or have fun, no man will mind. Then if you have a girlfriend, you can get close to a beautiful woman. Will you go play? . Playing for a while is cheating, which means losing the existing object, depending on how dependent you are on the object. A rich man, if the girlfriend he finds is only lecherous, and then when he meets a more beautiful woman to seduce him, he will definitely cheat, because his current girlfriend, his current girlfriend, is only lecherous , cheating means losing his current girlfriend, rich men, there are not a few people who are willing to be his girlfriend, anyway, it is just a color, if you lose your existing girlfriend, you will soon be able to find a new replacement. When a poor man is seduced by a beautiful woman, he does not necessarily cheat, because cheating means losing his current girlfriend, and his current girlfriend, for him, not only means that he can meet the needs of sexuality for a long time, but also is a part of his life. Comrades-in-arms, bear the hardships of life together, and support each other together. That is to say, poor men are more dependent on their wives, and can't lose their existing wives. If they do, it will not be easy to find the next one to accompany him. Melting woman. The risk of cheating is high, and he can't afford the risk of losing it. However, a poor, handsome man can. When a woman who is better than his current object seduces him, there is still a high probability of cheating, even if his current girlfriend can Accompanying him in the poor life is very good, that is, when they are poor, the life of two people is 1+1 greater than 2, but there are many women who are willing to accompany him in poverty. Even if his cheating is discovered and he loses his current girlfriend, he can easily find the next woman to accompany him. For him, this risk is worth it. For a poor and handsome man, he will not cheat, because he cannot afford the consequences of losing his current woman. Once lost, he will bear the pain of life alone. He is poor and not handsome, and it is difficult to find his next girlfriend. ,, Here, the value of a woman to a man lies in 1 female sex, that is, beauty and 2 companionship, that is, long-term, because men have long-term needs for women. Most men only need women to have these two values. As long as there is a woman around who can better meet these two needs, then men will choose this woman as their object.

Women choose men

Women choose men differently. 1. Basic survivability, wages, real estate, cars, these basic abilities do not have to be good, but they must be, of course, the more the better. Because it embodies the life after being with you. However, young women or wealthy women don't necessarily care about these two basic communication. Whether a woman is a blind date or a partner, there should be no problem with basic communication with you. Basically, as long as it is not a particularly straight man, it is not a problem. . 3. External image, that is, the appearance of the image taken out to meet friends and relatives is one of them, as well as the way of life, and emotional intelligence. , If you are handsome, you will be very good-looking when you go out, otherwise you will behave very well, and you will be very good-looking when you go out. Friends around you will say that your boyfriend is a good person. Therefore, men can't look good, but they can't handle their emotional intelligence, but women can't, they don't look beautiful, and they can't resist their external image like men. 4 talents. That is to say, it is excellent. It is said that women will take a fancy to a man's talent, but in fact, they want a man to have an excellent point, a shining point, and to be in a circle, it is recognized that this man is better, and this woman must be able to stay in this circle. If a woman meets someone who looks more handsome than her current boyfriend, will she cheat? If a woman meets someone who is richer than her current boyfriend, will she cheat? Will a woman cheat when she meets a better person? It still depends on dependence. If a woman is short of money, and now a man is rich, then she will not necessarily cheat when she encounters a handsome man. Because of cheating, she will lose the existing rich man. The more money a woman is, the more money she spends. Big, the less you will be derailed because of appearance. Woman cheating on rich man? The same is true if a woman has a big demand for money, she will cheat. The current boyfriend only provides the value of the external image, and the woman can easily change it. However, if a man is talented, a woman will look up to a talented man, and she will gain vanity, because when her wealth derails, she will weigh it and lose the risk. How can I find a talented man later? In this society, there are survivability, external image, and talent. There are very few men who have all three. Women have to be more handsome, richer, or better because of one of them. It's not that easy to cheat like that. Here, rich refers to basic material, RV, salary, etc. excellent, talent, refers to, for example, the job is excellent, the friends around you all have the same job, but your work is better than theirs, then you are in this circle. talented people. The

Concluding Remarks

deeply analyzes the root causes of male and female candidates, and I believe everyone will have some insights.
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