Thoughts on a woman's love

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Thoughts on a woman's love


When a girl first started looking for a partner, aside from seeing a handsome or rich guy, she immediately fell in love Women who go after men. Most of the women's previous relationships were when she just wanted to fall in love, and at this time a man happened to be chasing her, and their external image, personality, and personality were okay, so they started their love. . Women in this situation are the best ones to pursue, and they are the purest and purest. In this situation, the reason for the failure of the relationship is: 1. After getting along, I found that the man is too bad, the woman wants more, and the woman is the society. The more you know, the more you start to demand more from the man, but the man can't provide it, then you will separate, or the man will take the initiative to throw it away. If a woman's relationship is split due to social factors, such as the environment for reproduction, that is, the garage, then in the next relationship, even if he wants to fall in love, there is a man chasing her, and he will consider the man's The garage, waiting for the survival conditions, will only try to fall in love with him if they are satisfied. And some women start to break up because the man doesn't have a garage. Even if the other party doesn't have a garage, they will fall in love with him later, because such a woman has no plan to play with him, just play, so whether a woman is high quality can be divided several grades.

The best quality women

take social factors, garages and other conditions into consideration from the very beginning. Even if they want to fall in love, some people will chase them. Will consider whether it can meet the needs of her own social garage in the future. There are very few such women, because many women are visionless

sub-quality love

in the beginning of love, that is, just want to talk When they are in love, when it comes to considering the social conditions, they are all at this stage. A man happens to be chasing her, and when they reach the age of marriage, the social conditions of the man are just enough to satisfy the woman. This feeling is the most perfect feeling.


The woman has been single because of her own reasons, such as being fat, such as being more masculine, such as being unsightly, and then There is a man chasing her, and they just come together, and then the social conditions of the man are just barely satisfied, such a relationship is not bad,

Most of the Love

is the relationship that a woman talks about because of the first, when she was young, but it did not come to the end because of social reasons. After adding social conditions, and then looking for a partner, this kind of relationship is okay, but there is the former. This is the majority of love, and it is the marriage of most people. The front is training, the back is practical.

The last love

The woman was separated because of social conditions, and the social conditions were added later, and she was unable to find the person she liked, and she couldn't bear it Lonely, we talked a few times, the social conditions did not meet her, and finally met a social condition that met her, and immediately got married. That is to find an honest person to take over. This kind of relationship is the worst and the most difficult to get to the end, and there is no good result.


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