A 30-year-old man has been looking for a wife in Toutiao for 2 years. How is he now?

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A 30-year-old man has been looking for a wife in Toutiao for 2 years. How is he now?


The editor accidentally swiped this guy, and the title of the headline goes straight to the topic: I came to Toutiao to find my wife. After the editor flipped through this guy's headlines, I found him It has been two years since I came to Toutiao to find my wife, and the number of fans has grown from dozens to nearly a thousand. But he is still posting about him looking for a wife. Explain that the wife has not yet been found.

The guy profile

The guy is quite handsome, 31 years old, still an engineer, with a monthly salary of 15k and a height of 170. He still owns a house in Yongzhou City, and his hometown is from Hunan. With a deposit of more than 300,000, it stands to reason that such a man should be good, why can't he find a wife?

Analyze the reasons

After my analysis, the editor believes that the reason why he can't find his wife: 1. The life circle is too small, which is the basic attribute of Shenpiao people , The circle of life is too small to meet new girls in life, so I can only try my luck on the Internet. 2. There is no fun in life After my analysis of his headlines, his life is relatively monotonous, typical of two points and one line, and he seldom has dinner with friends. If such a life is too long, it will really make life less fun, and Women prefer a fun life, so he came to Toutiao to find a wife for so long, but he still failed. 3. The way he finds a wife is wrong, he is posting records of him looking for a wife on soul. Soul is played by young people. Young people like exciting and exciting, and now he just wants to live a normal life. The two attributes are wrong, so that's one of the reasons why he can't find a wife. 4. He doesn't flirt with his chat records with those girls, and he can find that he doesn't flirt with girls very much. It's more like negotiating business with girls. It's like this: I'm 170, 31 years old, male, with a monthly salary of 15k, are you going to be my wife? Such a way of talking about transactions, how can you talk about your wife and build a beautiful family? Do you think you will be happy when you meet a woman and set up a family like a deal? In the comments section, give this guy some advice!
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