What is your reason for getting married?

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What is your reason for getting married?


Emotions are actually not about what qualities a man must look for in a woman, nor what a woman must look for in a man.


The key to the relationship between men and women is that when a woman just wants to fall in love, there happens to be such a man close to her. develop into a relationship between men and women. Then fall in love. This is the source of most women's love experiences. Many women don't know what they like at all, and they don't know what qualities they should take the initiative to pursue in men, but if they are handsome, they are definitely worth pursuing actively. of. But you are neither handsome nor tall, unremarkable, and even a little poke, so that women won't think about you when they want to fall in love. There are a lot of people who want to talk to those dating platforms, but there are no suitable men or women around them. When they find a match online, they are constrained by many external conditions, such as how tall they must be, their weight, and so on. Otherwise, people will not consider it. But not in real life, as long as you don't hate it, and when you just want to talk to someone and think you're not bad, then you can do it.


So. Men need to be outside the conditions, 1. The image must be decent, and more attention should be paid to the external image. Although it is not tall or handsome, at least it must be sunny and clean, and not sloppy. 2. There are also characteristics, such as fitness and strong body, such as having many friends, such as being rich and able to live.
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