People will experience birth, old age, sickness and death all their lives, so when you get married, you must find someone who will never leave you.

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People will experience birth, old age, sickness and death all their lives, so when you get married, you must find someone who will never leave you.


In marriage, you must find someone who can love each other for a lifetime and never leave.


Because people will experience ups and downs, twists and turns in their lives, and people will experience birth, old age, sickness and death in their lives, and getting married is to find someone who can be with you. The objects of melting, enjoying time together when life is going well, taking care of each other when life is difficult, and never abandoning each other even if they are in bed for a long time. . . There are too many examples, too many families can enjoy life together, but they cannot bear the difficulties. If the object you are looking for is also discarded at will, then this will make you suffer double the pain. . . . So how do you find someone who can love you forever? When a girl finds a man, the first point is not how much money he has or how handsome he is, but his sense of responsibility. Men like women, and to put it bluntly, they are just lustful. Besides beauty, what else can affect a man? heart of? money? quality? character? beautiful memories? ? ? ? These are secondary, men choose women, it is beauty, if you are sick in bed, and another beautiful woman comes to approach this man, most men will abandon you, even if you are not sick in bed, there are How many people can reject beautiful women,,, let alone you are sick in bed, no longer beautiful, and become a burden,,,, love will fade, only responsibility will drive men to continue to take care of you,,,,,< h1 class="pgc-h-arrow-right">How can a man find a woman who will never leave himHow can a man find a woman, how can he find a woman who will never leave him? By money? By appearance? By talent? Actually, you can, but you must understand that you must have enough value, and only if you live well, will you bring more value to women. Others won't choose her, she can't get value from other places. For example, find an ugly girl, as long as she is with you, she will feel good. And she gets no value from other people, so she will definitely try her best to be nice to you. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that it is better for her to leave you alone, so you have to find a woman with poor earning ability. If she leaves you, it will be difficult for her to live. Even if she is sick, as long as she is cured, she will be able to earn more money. In this way, he will not leave you, but will take better care of you. The marriage partner must find someone who can live with him forever.

How can a woman find a man who will never leave you

1. Responsibility 2. Love 3. Motivation 4. Love for yourself? 5. Yan Zhi? If a woman wants to find a man who can stay with her for the rest of her life, appearance is useless. The higher the appearance of a man, the lower the need for herself. Because there are more options. When they are sick in bed, or simply 10 months pregnant, some men will look for others, causing women to suffer double the blow. By a man's love for himself? Wrong, love will disappear, a man loves a woman, it will fade with time. Only a sense of responsibility can drive a man to stay with a woman he doesn't love, and only self-motivation can make a man's life better and better.

Concluding Remarks (Important)

A man is looking for a woman: look for someone with low appearance, low education and knowledge. A man's best life partner. Because such a woman will follow and accompany herself regardless of whether she is rich or poor. Accompany yourself through sunset and comeback. And the higher the face value, the higher the education and knowledge, the more suitors, and the more rational women will be. When their life is at a low point, they will leave themselves without hesitation. Allow yourself to take a double hit in the low points of life. Women looking for men: looking for a self-motivated, responsible man. The appearance, height, and external image are all unimportant, and emotional intelligence and IQ have little effect. Self-motivation can make your life better and better, and a sense of responsibility can make a man not abandon himself whether you are old, sick or dead, or a man standing at the top of his career.
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