How to give your wife a gift on Valentine's Day? Arrangement, method is attached

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How to give your wife a gift on Valentine's Day? Arrangement, method is attached


Men are difficult, not only have to bear huge work pressure, but some men also need to be managed by their wives to celebrate the New Year Also need to prepare a gift for the wife. But gifts are not exclusive to women. Men, who are so fortunate, should also receive Valentine's Day gifts. So how can I get my wife to take the initiative to give me a gift? Arrangement, the method is as follows

Step 1: Indicate that you will be happy to receive the gift

Method 1: Coquetry husband: "I'm good I want xx, my wife will buy one with my pocket money next month, okay?" Method 2: Set the expectation "xxx is really good, if one falls in front of me every day, I can laugh for a month" Method 3: Pretend that you have "it would be good if you use xxx". Through constant hints, your wife must know that you want something, but for some reason, she has never bought it, and then to make her happy, she will definitely give it to you. You buy it, if you don't buy it, you often mention this thing, often mention it. Annoying her. Hahahaha

Step 2: Be happy when you receive gifts

When we men receive gifts, the most common behavior is You may be happy in your heart, but on the surface, you keep your joy in your heart. Everyone will have such a performance. If we are too excited, we will appear very immature and naive. I think it will affect the image of our men's stalwart. But in fact, it's not. Women also hope that their gifts can be deeply loved by their husbands. When women give gifts, their hearts will automatically become a state of waiting for feedback. And our liking for gifts and compliments to women is the best way to give them back.

Step 3: Rewards

Rewards encourage women to keep doing this, paving the way for us men to receive gifts again . The way of reward can be a kiss, or cook by yourself, or show the spirit of not afraid of hardship and tiredness, and work hard at night. . . We talked a bit about why increase the exposure of the gift? This principle is the same as when we got a certificate in an exam when we were young. We usually hang the certificate on the wall, hoping that more people will see it and get praise. In fact, everyone has ambitions. If we can satisfy this kind of heart of women, we will definitely be able to arouse the infinite motivation in women's hearts.

Concluding remarks

Hahahahaha, brothers, believe that my method must be practical. The good life of marriage and family must be recorded in the independent space of the family, which will become a good memory.
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