Hilarious: What is the reason why your husband refuses to give you Valentine's Day?

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Hilarious: What is the reason why your husband refuses to give you Valentine's Day?

As the saying goes, marriage is like an exam. Who goes to review the textbook after the exam? Hahahahahaha, the wedding is over, who has to spend time spend time for those things (dating, surprises, gifts, sweet words) when pursuing you? Let's take a look at the original text of how netizens' husbands refuse to give gifts to their wives:

Netizens' answers

There are too many answers, hahaha, the editor will simply list a few, hahaha 1. Gifts for the Chinese Valentine’s Day? No, Qixi is Valentine's Day, that's my wife, not my lover. 2. I was hit by love on the waist! Hee hee, I love you! 3. All the money and cards are handed over to you. Where can I buy gifts? I have to buy them myself! 4. If you quarrel before the Qixi Festival, men will have one more excuse not to buy gifts! 5. Valentine's Day is only for those who have lovers. We are husband and wife, however. 6. I am an old husband and wife, what gifts are you giving? You don't need to fix those fancy things! 7. When you meet the right person, every day is Valentine's Day, and you are the right person. 8. I am going to disappear silently for a day. When she finds me, I will say that I am too busy to forget. After the hilarity is over, let's take a look at the real reason.

Real reasons for not giving gifts

1. The mood is different, men feel that they don’t need to give gifts 2. If they feel happy, they should Ok 3. Some people think that there are too many festivals, and they can't get ready, hahaha 4. Men don't have this kind of sentiment, hahaha I also suggest changing a boyfriend


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