Should Valentine's Day be celebrated after marriage? How to spend Valentine's Day? arrangement, answer attached

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Should Valentine's Day be celebrated after marriage? How to spend Valentine's Day? arrangement, answer attached


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My wife and I have been together for almost 4 years and have been married for two years. Because I usually believe in the saying that there should be a sense of ritual in life, some important dates will be celebrated together every year. This year's Valentine's Day is Thursday, and a few days ago, my wife had hinted to me intentionally or unintentionally, asking me what I would eat on Thursday night. Hehe, the drunkard doesn't mean to drink, I know what shit you want as soon as you poke your ass~ I deliberately pretended not to know, and said: Eat fried tomatoes with tomatoes and stewed potatoes with potatoes, enough. Wife said: Humph! goodbye! For many unmarried people, Valentine's Day is generally flowers + gifts + dating + food + applause for love. And it’s often how extravagance comes out—buying the biggest and most beautiful things, the most ingenious gifts, high-end restaurants for dating and food, and Hilton and Westin even for applauding love. But for married people, living is the theme, and extravagance is not advisable. But the festival also has to be celebrated, but there is a way to spend it after marriage~ Let me tell you how I lived it - 1. Flowers Many married people think that flowers are the least important, after all, they can't be eaten or used, only to see , waiting to wither after delivery is no different from paying an IQ tax. It is better to buy a piece of broccoli, and after delivery, you can also stir-fry it and add a vegetable to supplement vitamins. On the contrary, I think flowers are the necessary element to make the day different. Some people on the Internet sent 50 wrapped mutton skewers on Valentine's Day, and some sent 99 wrapped bamboo skewers with cherries and cherry tomatoes inserted. These are all very good ideas to learn from. But DIY has two important prerequisites. One is that it must be wrapped as beautifully as a bunch of real flowers, which takes time to figure out how to do it. Another premise is that you have to do what you like. You have to know whether your wife will like it or not. For example, my wife likes red roses the most, and I don't have the ability or energy to DIY, so I buy roses every time I go to the festival. But on Valentine's Day, a wrapped bouquet is too expensive, and other flower shops rely on these days to make money. On the way home from get off work, I saw some young couples passing by holding flowers. I wondered if I asked them to resell the flowers for 100 yuan, would they be willing? But I didn't do that - but it's certainly a way. In the end, I went to the flower shop and had to wait in line. The guy in front of me was obviously six or seven years older than me, and I guessed he was a married man, too, from the smell of cigarette smoke wafting from his shiny bald head and his slightly rustic down jacket. . He probably also saw from my classic look of a siege lion that I was not an unmarried man, so he smiled at me innocently, and I returned a greasy Huang Xiaoming-style smile. The young men in front of us graciously carried away bundles of delicate bouquets. How beautiful are those flowers, a dozen or so roses, adorned with various miscellaneous flowers, are extraordinarily full and... expensive. The big brother in front pointed to a bouquet of about 11 roses that had been bandaged and asked the boss, how much is this? The boss was busy continuing to wrap flowers, glanced at it, and said 300 without looking up. The big brother was a little disappointed, and asked how much for a rose? The boss said 10 yuan. The big brother said: buy one, simply pack it. Then he tucked his scarf, and rode away on the shared electric car with the unique rose that belonged to him in the world. I am reminded of the American bearded uncle in "Detective Chinatown 2". The boss asked me what to buy. I thought about it and asked, buy 11 roses without matching other flowers, just simply wrap them, is 100 yuan ok? So I took such a bouquet of flowers and walked away contentedly. 2. Gifts are actually the most troublesome. Those who have been married should have feelings. Before marriage, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, etc., I have given all the gifts I can think of. After marriage, I like what I usually like directly. just bought it. So much so that on Valentine's Day, it's all over the place. I don't know what gift to buy for my wife. My wife doesn't know what to buy for me. Put this aside for a while, and then talk about it later. 3. Dating + food There should be no dating after marriage because they usually stick together. Going out to play, shopping and eating is just a part of daily life. Me: Wife, I'm not cooking at home tonight, let's go out to eat Wife: Okay, okay! Me: Well, what do you want to eat tonight? Wife: I don't know. Me: X Di Lao? /Thai food? / Teppanyaki? / Seafood buffet? /Western food?/Anhui cuisine? /Sichuan cuisine? /Cantonese? /...Wife: Pregnant women cannot eat hot pot. / Don't want to eat curry. /Can't eat BBQ. / I dare not eat seafood. /I do not want to eat. /too oily. /Too spicy. /I do not want to eat. /…………Me: Then what do you want to eat? Wife: I don't know. Me: Let's go home and cook. Fried tomatoes with tomatoes and stewed potatoes with potatoes, enough. Wife: Goodbye! Me: Hey, let's go out and have a look. Wife: Okay, okay! Where are we going? I suddenly remembered the fear of being dominated by traffic jams on Valentine's Day last year. I opened the map app and took a look, and the red traffic congestion warning instantly covered the 4.7-inch screen of my small mobile phone. Me: Wife, why don't we spend time at home this year? Wife: Goodbye! Eventually, we decided to go to a commercial center near our house for pizza. After 25,000 miles of traffic jams, life-threatening scrambles for parking spaces, and snail-walking queues, we finally had dinner. Wife: Let's spend Valentine's Day at home next year. Me: Good... (I believe you are a ghost, you are a bad old woman!) 4. Applaud for love. My wife is pregnant this year, why should I applaud? What bike do you want? You all know me, and I don't ask for anything. Follow me, left hand and right hand in slow motion. Right hand left hand replay in slow motion. These hands give you happiness, you don't fall in love with them? Jokes aside, in fact, we still agree that after marriage, we go to a clean and hygienic hotel to live the world of two on Valentine's Day or anniversaries. The days of chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea always kill love, especially after the birth of the child, you may not be able to enjoy yourself as much as before marriage for a long time. So find a day or two every year to be back to each other when you are young, and enjoy it. 5. When we got back to the topic of gifts, we had finished washing up and going to bed. Wife: Is there really no present for Valentine's Day this year? Me: No, I don't know what to buy for you. Wife: I don't know what to buy for you. Me: Or I will buy you a bag of honeysuckle, with gold, silver and flowers, and you can drink it. Wife: If I buy you a durian, you can eat, smell and kneel. Me: Good night wife. END. . .


No matter how you celebrate Valentine's Day, it is a very important part of married life. A good life can improve the relationship between husband and wife, but if a bad life is not good, the wife has resentment in her heart, which will cause a crack in the relationship between husband and wife. If today's marriage is meaningful, be sure to document it. Make good family memories for the future
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