Once indifference appears in marriage, people must have the ability to love themselves

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Once indifference appears in marriage, people must have the ability to love themselves

Orison Mastool said: "Complete indifference is undoubtedly a huge devastation to a woman's sensitive heart." I particularly agree with this statement, indifference is a man's "big killer", it can destroy a wife It can also destroy the wife's self-confidence, courage, willpower. A woman can even endure the pain of giving birth to a child, which shows that a woman is not afraid of physical pain, and it also shows that a woman is strong. However, there are many such strong and brave women who have been defeated by the indifference of men. In the stage of being an emotional counselor, I met a female friend who had a big conflict with her mother-in-law. She asked her husband for help, but the husband didn’t ask about it. Understand why a man who loves him so much before marriage doesn't care about his life or death after marriage. Perhaps in the eyes of men, the problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is only a small problem, and it is not worth caring about. But in the eyes of women, the problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a big problem, because women's sensitivity will make women have to care about the words and behaviors of mother-in-law. In mind, if the mother-in-law is selfish, partial, and full of malice, a woman who is a daughter-in-law and a wife will feel more pain. If a man takes an indifferent attitude to deal with the problems between his wife and his mother, the problems between the husband and wife will continue, and in severe cases, they will be divorced. Indifference is not a "weapon" unique to men, and married women also have this "weapon". Married women's "indifference" is different from married men's "indifference", and the difference lies in how men and women treat things. Men's "indifference" mostly has three elements of dissatisfaction, complaining, and annoyance, and women's "indifference" mostly has three elements: dislike, disappointment, and contempt. A man's "indifference" is a protest against his wife's behavior, and a woman's "indifference" is really disappointed with men, and even no longer in love with men. Once indifference occurs between husband and wife, no matter who caused it, it will cause great pain to the other party. And people who are treated indifferently, only with the ability to love themselves can they not be disturbed by negative emotions in their happy life. How to have this ability? The method is not difficult.

Method 1: Expanding interests and hobbies

There are some men who care about women before marriage, and don’t care about their wives after marriage. Treat your wife as a servant. Faced with this kind of man, female friends who are unwilling to divorce need not care about the feelings of the man, but put their own happiness and happiness first as before marriage. Female friends who like to go shopping can take their children to travel, go shopping, or invite girlfriends and friends to party and play; female friends who like to read should put their minds into reading, and if possible, they can also write about themselves. reading perception. Female friends who like to dress up, learn more makeup skills, learn more about beauty, and expand this hobby into a sideline; female friends who like to sing and dance, and can’t be idle, can learn the skills of making short videos and live broadcasts. , share your own preferences and happiness with others. Women can live well without men. In the face of the indifference of men, women should invest in their own interests, and it is best to expand their interests into a career. In this way, you can do what you love while improving your independence, social skills, and ability to take charge of your well-being. Self-sufficiency and self-entertainment, although it is a helpless move, is also the key to the true maturity and growth of friends. I hope that female friends who are treated indifferently by men can realize this.

Method 2: Correct mistakes and change themselves

Women's "indifference" is different from men's. Men's indifference is not unloving, but just Dissatisfaction, a woman's indifference mostly includes "not love", so if your wife treats you indifferently, you can't deal with it in the same way, and you can't treat your wife the same way a woman treats a man indifferent. Women treat men with an indifferent attitude. If a man wants to live a better life, he must correct his mistakes and change himself so that women will no longer treat him with this attitude. Otherwise, the relationship between husband and wife will disappear in indifference. Male friends who don’t like to do housework on weekdays should help their wives to do some housework more, and when doing housework, praise and recognize the wife’s ability to manage the housework; male friends who don’t care much about children’s education on weekdays should stand in unity with their wives. On the front line, give more care to the child, and in the care, praise the mother of the child in front of the child. Male friends who communicate less with his wife take time to travel with his wife, climb mountains, go to playgrounds, shopping malls, occasionally celebrate festivals for his wife, or create some romance to make his wife's cold heart melt again. Correcting mistakes and changing themselves is the best way for a man to deal with his wife's indifference. I hope male friends don't ignore this, because if you can't melt your wife's frozen heart, your marriage will exist in name only. There are two forms of loving yourself. One is to expand your interests and obtain the desired happiness and happiness through alternative methods. Stop being indifferent to yourself. These two methods, friends should use according to their own situation, otherwise, the effect will not be prominent.
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