It's not that your lover is not good enough, it's that there is something wrong with your mood

time:2023-03-24 author:Big family
It's not that your lover is not good enough, it's that there is something wrong with your mood

Is a lover really good enough? I do not think so. In my opinion, as long as it is not the kind of lover who is controlled by material desires, it is a person of good quality and worth living with for a lifetime. The so-called material desires are people's selfishness and self-consciousness. Such people lack a sense of responsibility and empathy, and always shirk the responsibility for their poor life on their lover. Lovers cannot meet their emotional and material needs, and they manage their marriages by domestic violence and betrayal. Such people not only fail to bring their friends a happy and harmonious life, but also destroy the happiness of their friends. So, if your lover is this type of person, then what you get is not good, it is really bad. If your lover is not this type of person, what you see is not good, it is not really bad. For example, in the stage of being an emotional counselor, I met a male friend. Due to the gradual increase in work pressure and problems in his career, his mood is not as peaceful as before, full of anxiety and worry. Companies have company rules, and rules can dampen bad moods. However, there are no rules or regulations in marriage. Therefore, every time he returned home, he would vent his bad emotions on his lover. I asked him if this would make him feel better? He said that instead of making him feel better, he made it worse. I asked him again, if it would make him feel worse, why would he do it? He said that as long as he returned home and saw his wife's appearance, he felt that his wife was not good, and he couldn't tell exactly what was wrong. When there is a problem in people's state of mind, in getting along with their lover, people will find that their lover is full of shortcomings and not a single advantage. The reason for this is that when people are in a very bad mood, they will lose their rational judgment and will blame their unhappiness and unhappiness on their lover. Just like the male friend, his wife is not bad, it's just that the work is not going well, which makes him feel bad. In real marriages, not only men will experience unstable moods, but women will also appear. The child is naughty and does not study well. As a mother's female friend, he will feel exhausted physically and mentally, and he will not be able to do anything. If female friends tell their lover about their children, and the lover's attitude and tone are not in line with their own wishes, they will be prejudiced against their lover. Under the influence of prejudice, these female friends will feel that their lovers are not good anywhere. If you want to build a better and more intimate relationship with your lover, friends can't ignore their own state of mind. They must learn to exercise to improve their state of mind, so that their state of mind can always be kept quiet, peaceful and satisfied. How to do it? Teach your friends two ways.

Method 1: Exercise with your lover

Running, leapfrog, push-ups, and other exercises can help friends They can vent their bad emotions and keep their friends in a relatively peaceful and positive state of mind. Therefore, I suggest my friends to exercise with their loved ones when they are in a bad mood and unstable. If possible, friends can get up an hour earlier, or go for a run every day with their loved ones after get off work. Why do you have to be with your lover? People's gratitude and the change of people's attitude towards feelings are not in the matter of sharing wealth and honor, but in the matter of sharing weal and woe. If your lover can't run, you pull a hand, if you can't run, your lover pulls you a hand, and your mutual encouragement, recognition, and praise in sports can make you truly feel heart-to-heart, hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart The warmth, happiness and satisfaction of working together to move forward.

Method 2: Travel together, climb mountains and water

To be honest, I really don’t know what’s good about travel, the scenery The same thing does not say, if you go to travel on holidays, then the scene of the crowd is not the scenery, but the heads. I don't like to travel, but I think travel is one of the secrets to let people express their depression and maintain peace of mind. Climbing a mountain with a lover, climbing to the top of the mountain and then descending from the top, not only allows people to experience the satisfaction of reaching the final destination, but also allows people to feel the joy of being accompanied when they walk hand in hand with their lover. If people are too tired to move after climbing a mountain, then they will have a grateful heart and be grateful to the lover who shares this pain with them. Going to the beach, playing sand and water with your lover on the beach, going to the casino, and doing some exciting projects with your lover can all have the same effect as climbing a mountain. There are many things that husband and wife can do together. If friends can make good use of the two methods I mentioned when there is a problem in their mood, then the relationship with their lover will not only increase, but their attitude towards their lover will also be improved. Different, you will find that your lover has some advantages that you have not discovered by yourself, and you will also find that the desire to communicate with your lover will be stronger than before.
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