Partner's betrayal is related to the ultimatum effect in psychology, friends don't ignore it

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Partner's betrayal is related to the ultimatum effect in psychology, friends don't ignore it

There is a weakness in human nature, and this weakness is related to the "ultimatum effect" in psychology. The so-called "ultimatum effect" refers to people's habit of procrastinating on tasks that do not need to be completed immediately, and only when the deadline for completing the task is approaching, people will take action. There are priorities, and from this point of view, the psychological behavior of the "ultimatum effect" does not have much impact on people. However, which things must be done immediately and which things can be delayed, some people are not clear. It is because people's understanding of priorities and their cognition of things are not clear and in-depth enough, so people will mess up their lives because of the procrastination caused by the "ultimatum effect". To analyze the betrayal of a partner from the perspective of the "ultimatum effect", it can be understood that the betrayal of a partner is related to the procrastination of those who encounter the betrayal. Why do you say that?

First, love and care, reflected in the attention to my partner

Edwin (pseudonym) is my emotion At the stage of a counselor, I met a male friend. The reason why he was betrayed by his wife was entirely his procrastination and laziness. Edwin's mother is a selfish person who is often cynical and morally kidnapped to Edwin's wife. However, Edwin has never been very concerned about his wife's repeated calls for help. Edwin believes that things haven't gotten so out of hand that they don't even need to be resolved on their own. Because of Edwin's ignorance, Edwin's wife was full of unwillingness and resentment, and in this state of mind, Edwin's wife met an extramarital opposite sex who cared about her and her, and fell into it. . Husbands and wives, whether it is a man or a woman, cannot ignore their partner's calls for help, complaints, and accusations, otherwise, the partner will have a strong emotional need. This strong need, in the perception of friends' partners, friends cannot meet. Therefore, a partner who is in a state of unmet needs will most likely choose to betray once he encounters an extramarital opposite sex that makes his heart flutter. Love and care are reflected in the attention to the partner. The proper resolution of family chores and the satisfaction of certain demands of the partner will make married men and women feel more affectionate. On the contrary, if friends are affected by the "ultimatum effect", they cannot be active. Solving the problems between husband and wife will create a marital crisis.

Second, partner resentment is related to people's procrastination

The longer a couple gets along, why is the relationship worse? The real answer is that people don't care about their partners. Emma (pseudonym) is a married woman who is particularly responsible for her family and children. However, because she cares more about her children and family than her husband, Emma is very concerned about her husband's close contact and intimate communication. It's always been dealt with. Emma believes that her husband's affairs can be put aside temporarily, to accompany the children to grow up, and to deal with family chores is the most important thing. Emma's husband developed strong physical and emotional needs under Emma's neglect. Under the influence of these two needs, Emma's husband failed to withstand the temptation of the opposite sex outside of marriage and betrayed Emma. It's not wrong for Emma's husband to betray the marriage, is Emma right? All betrayals have reasons. As an adult, if you want to manage your marriage well and prevent betrayal from happening, you cannot ignore your partner’s needs and demands, and you must put your partner in the first place. Friends, I hope you can remember one sentence: the person who grows old with others, the person who can accompany you all your life, is not your child, but your partner. If you don't take your partner's affairs to heart and always deal with it with a procrastination and perfunctory attitude, even if there is no betrayal problem, other serious husband and wife problems will arise.

Third, the lack of security of partners is related to people's neglect

From an emotional point of view, the reason why people are in business In the stage of marriage, one of the key reasons for not paying attention to the needs of the partner is that it is affected by the "ultimatum effect". Neglect is one of the weaknesses of human nature, and its implication is: if you get it, you will no longer cherish it, and if you get it, you will not think that you will lose it. Elaine (pseudonym) is a male friend I know when I was working as an emotional counselor. He is such a person. Most of the time he ignores his wife's demands. Elaine had to be separated from her wife due to work. While living in a different place with his wife, Elaine's wife visited him for the first time, and he felt inexplicably moved. However, after many visits, Elaine became impatient and rebuked his wife for not neglecting him for him. Children and family. Elaine, who ignored his wife's feelings, also ignored that his actions would make his wife feel strongly insecure. Because when people ignore their partner's feelings, the most intuitive perception of their partner is that the other party does not love them, and the other party may betray them. Under the influence of this strong sense of insecurity, Elaine's wife was moved by an extra-marital opposite sex and betrayed the marriage. A partner's betrayal has something to do with the partner's irresponsibility, the partner's carelessness, and the partner's emotional needs. I hope that as adults, married men and women can recognize the importance of their partners' needs and demands, correct their wrong thoughts and behaviors, actively deal with problems between husband and wife, and prevent themselves from being betrayed by their partners.
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