With the motivation to accept others, the betrayal will not happen, know why?

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With the motivation to accept others, the betrayal will not happen, know why?

There are two types of self-acceptance motivations, one is self-acceptance and the other is acceptance of others. Accepting oneself is the affirmation of oneself, and accepting others is the recognition of others. Acceptance of oneself and acceptance of others may seem unrelated, but they are not. The two are closely related. Edward Ziegler, a professor of psychology at Yale University, once said: "To have the motive to accept others is to treat yourself well." I particularly agree with this sentence, because people have social attributes, and people are in this society. In survival and life, if you cannot accept others and treat others with a negative attitude, then others will not be able to treat yourself well. Regarding accepting others, the story of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher may be able to make friends understand more deeply. When Mrs. Thatcher was young, she had the title of "Iron Lady". The reason why she was called "Iron Lady" by others was not only because of her iron fist, but also because of her unwillingness to listen to other people's opinions and often asserting herself without permission. The title of "Iron Lady" did not bring much benefit to Mrs Thatcher, but made her establish many enemies. As a result, Mrs Thatcher was particularly distressed. And during her extremely distressing stage, Mrs Thatcher visited a very famous priest, who, after hearing what happened to Mrs Thatcher, asked her to open the three doors at the back of the church. There are three words on the three doors behind the church, namely accept yourself, accept others, and accept the world. When Mrs Thatcher walked through the third door, she saw the broad grass and the boundless sky behind the church, and she instantly understood the meaning of the priest asking her to do this. Since then, Mrs Thatcher has changed her previous style, she will listen to other people's opinions first when encountering anything, and she will not be the same as before for those who are contrary to her own opinions, but will focus on considering and adopting . It doesn't matter whether other people's ideas and suggestions are right or wrong, what matters is people's own attitudes towards others. Because accepting others can gain respect and recognition from others, and can enhance one's status in the eyes of others. However, many people, like Mrs. Thatcher when she was young, are reluctant to accept other people's opinions and always think that they are right. And from an emotional point of view to accept others, I believe that people's betrayal is directly related to denying others. If people can truly accept others, then betrayal cannot happen. Why do you say that? The reason for the betrayal, the answer is given. There are three reasons for betrayal, namely, the incompatibility of husband and wife, which makes people have prejudice against their partner, denial of their partner's behavior, and denial of married life. The partner's nagging, accusing, complaining, inattentive and lack of companionship make people lack emotional needs. In this situation, people will have prejudice against their partner, and under the influence of prejudice, even if the partner's behavior contains goodwill , responsibility, love, people will not feel that their partner's behavior is for the family and themselves. Problems in the relationship between husband and wife, coupled with people's prejudice and denial of their partners, make people feel negative about their own marriages, making people think that their marriages are unhappy and full of pain, and they can only be with the opposite sex outside of marriage. Together, one's pain can be relieved and one's own happiness can be obtained. If the betrayers who know their mistakes and friends who want to betray their marriages can seriously reflect on the following two questions, I believe that you will be able to accept others.

Question 1: What elements are involved in marriage and love?

Marriage and love involve four elements: responsibility, loyalty, morality, material needs and emotional needs. Among these four elements, responsibility, loyalty and morality occupy an important position. People's responsibilities to the family can make marriages run better and better, people's loyalty to their partners can enhance mutual trust, and people's own quality determines whether it is necessary to maintain the relationship between husband and wife, because people's quality, It represents responsibility, loyalty and people's attitude towards things. Just imagine, living a lifetime with a partner who has no sense of responsibility, loyalty, and no noble qualities, can you be comfortable and happy? The answer is obviously impossible. Extramarital heterosexuals destroy other people’s marriages, and there is a problem in quality; extramarital heterosexuals don’t care that married men and women are on two boats and push themselves to others, indicating that extramarital heterosexuals are not willing to live with only one person; Married men and women generally have families and children, indicating that the other party has no sense of responsibility for the family. From these three points, in the stage of unhappy marriage, the partner who did not choose to betray is much stronger than the opposite sex outside of marriage.

Question 2: What are the advantages of a partner and what are the disadvantages of the opposite sex outside of marriage?

My partner is not as beautiful, handsome, gentle, considerate, romantic and interesting as the opposite sex outside of marriage. I agree, but my partner is responsible for the family and willing to give everything for the children and the family. The opposite sex outside of marriage is far incomparable. . Moreover, everyone has selfish desires. Have you ever thought about why the opposite sex outside of marriage is so good to you? Maybe some friends will say "the other party loves you". Love involves exclusivity and loyalty. Friends don't account for these two. Why should the opposite sex love you outside of marriage? By your feet on two boats, by your inability to give each other a future, by your infidelity to marriage and relationships? The "goodness" of the opposite sex outside of marriage is precisely where the other party's shortcomings lie. I hope my friends can rationally view the "good" of the opposite sex outside of marriage, and seriously examine the "bad" of their partner. The partner's nagging, accusing, complaining, and working hard, in the final analysis, are all for the sake of each other's family. If not, who would want to risk offending others by doing these things against themselves? Your partner's "badness" is precisely your partner's strengths. Advantages and disadvantages, not only to see the superficial phenomenon, but to see the essence through the surface. If friends can understand this sentence, betrayal will not happen, and the marriage will be better and better managed by friends.
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