In the eyes of men, a truly noble woman: very plain

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In the eyes of men, a truly noble woman: very plain

Text/Xia Mo

01. Preface

The noble temperament of a woman is like a blooming snow lotus, elegant and pure, without any expensive Jewelry embellishment. The kind of charm that he exudes from the inside out is fascinating. Noble women always provoke men to cherish and appreciate them more. Zhu Ziqing wrote in "Women": "I think the first woman in art is her warm and drunk air, which makes people feel like listening to the melodious flute, like smelling the fragrance of roses, like lying on a thick velvet blanket. She is as honey as water, as light as smoke, and envelopes us." A noble woman has a very "plain" temperament, just like a lotus flower, fresh and elegant, out of the mud and not stained, making men yearn for it. Nobility is not about golden light or heavy makeup, but without deliberate dressing up. That kind of accumulation in the heart for many years is the temperament and fragrance that cannot be created by any external cosmetics. In the eyes of men, truly noble women are often very "vegetarian".

02. A woman who dresses very "plain" but has a fragrant temperament

is a noble woman who dresses appropriately and hides a charming temperament. In the eyes of men, a truly noble woman will not use ornate decorations and exaggerated makeup to overwhelm guests. Every piece of clothing and every piece of jewelry on her body seems ordinary, but it embellishes her temperament. A woman with temperament, like a lotus in summer water, like a plum in the proud snow in winter, has her own character. Seemingly simple, it actually has an inherent quality and fragrance. A noble woman, dressed very "plain", is willing to spend more time and energy to make her soul poetic. Such a woman is as gentle as jade, dressed gracefully and elegantly, and exudes a kind of "indisputable" breath all over her body. It makes you feel comfortable and peaceful when you are close. Although, do not compete for beauty, do not pursue fame and frivolity. But he has different dreams and pursuits, loves life, and has already lived a different life. In the eyes of men, a woman with real temperament will not live in the expectations of others and completely lose herself. They are simple and natural, living for themselves, quiet, comfortable and calm.

03. When she speaks, she is very "literate" and admires

a noble woman. When she speaks, she will have accomplishment, culture and connotation. A well-educated woman, she speaks with moderation and hides her edge. No matter what kind of things you encounter, be kind to people and don't say bad words. Concubine Jing in "Langya Bang" is a very temperamental woman. She always dresses in simple colors, does not stir up trouble, and lives her own life quietly. After she regained her favor, she was embarrassed a lot by the queen. When the emperor asked about this, she just smiled slightly and replied easily: "Who is chewing her tongue again? Can't you really care?" In one sentence, he expressed his graceful grace, and also indirectly expressed the queen's vexatiousness. Her way of retreating, not angry or angry, made the emperor appreciate her even more. A woman who has a real temperament and is admired by men will not utter foul words and scold the streets like a shrew, but be calm and comfortable. It looks soft, but it is actually sharp. Zeng Guofan said: "If you don't talk, you will have room, if you don't do things, you will have room, and if you don't do things, you will have lingering charm." A well-mannered woman has her own opinions in her words and actions, and she can strengthen her position and is unwilling to confront others. But if someone is deliberately embarrassing, they will never be slaughtered, and can protect themselves in a better way.

04. She is very "simple and elegant", noble and courteous

A woman with real temperament, treats others with her own demeanor and temperament. A truly noble woman will not deliberately pursue luxury, but pay more attention to inner self-cultivation. Even, I don't care too much about material enjoyment and live a simple and quiet life. Get along with people, disdain disputes and quarrels, be tolerant, courteous, and have a mind and ideological realm. I don’t like to pursue fame and fortune, and I don’t even take advantage of others. I care more about interpersonal relationships. In the eyes of men, a noble woman has a strong ability to deal with others. He is very "elegant", noble and courteous. Be kind to others, always keep a smile on his face. No matter who you are dealing with, keep your original intention. Even if someone deliberately confronts each other, she can use retreat to advance, overcome rigidity with softness, and move a thousand pounds. Not impatient, not taking anger on others, always able to stabilize emotions and deal with the situation rationally. A noble heart and a pure soul will always be respected and appreciated by others when getting along with others. No matter how many years pass, they seem to be spotless.

05. Summary

In the eyes of men, a truly noble woman lives a very "plain" life. Yishu said: "A woman with real temperament never shows off everything she has. She doesn't tell people what books she has read, where she has been, how many clothes she has, and what jewelry she has bought, because she has no inferiority complex. "Noble women, in life, don't have too many gorgeous embellishments when they dress up, but they have such a temperament. Get along with people, disdain to win or lose right or wrong, maintain a simple heart, and face everything calmly. Such a woman is very quiet and plain, but her inner world is very rich, and her life is full of interest. A noble woman puts her attention and energy on herself. Don't fight, don't get angry, live calmly. Everything has returned to plain and simple, but a more noble life has been achieved. -END- Author: Xia Mo, a cutting-edge emotional tutor, a psychologist, an emotional writer with over 1 billion people on the Internet, a manager of a happy woman, focusing on emotions, gender, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for more than ten years.
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