"Knowing or Not": Gu Tingye really treats Xiao Qin as a mother, why does she have to put him to death

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"Knowing or Not": Gu Tingye really treats Xiao Qin as a mother, why does she have to put him to death

In the original book, Xiao Qin's ending was not so miserable. Although he died of illness, he lost everything. Her son Gu Tingwei finally wanted to seize the title according to her idea. During the second capital turmoil, Gu Tingwei attacked Chengyuan under the guise of a bandit and wanted to kill Sheng Minglan and the heirs of Ningyuanhou. Shooting arrows to death. After the incident, the emperor was very angry and asked the Gu family to expel Gu Tingwei from the family tree, and this line was also severely punished. The night of the fierce fight in the Ningyuan Hou Mansion resulted in more than half of the casualties, and the fire was second only to the imperial city fire. The emperor was furious, and regardless of whether the truth was true or not, he first took Xiao Qin's consecration from the first grade, and Dali Temple convicted Gu Tingwei as a traitor according to his wishes. Anguo rebelled against the party and hung the corpse at the Meridian Gate, but ordered the Gu family's ancestral hall to expel Gu Tingwei from the clan, and his descendants were not allowed to serve for three generations. In order to deal with Sheng Minglan and seek benefits, she deliberately deceived Yu Fangshi, making Yu Fangshi think that Gu Tingye didn't know about the scandal of her daughter Yu Yanhong (Gu Tingye's first wife) Hong Xing's scandal, under the banner of cheering for Yu Ge's old man, It is required to adopt the son of Zhu Manniang from the outer room, Brother Chang, to Yu Yanhong's name. In this way, Brother Chang will become the eldest son and can take away the inheritance rights of the child in Sheng Minglan's belly. Sheng Minglan will not give up, Gu Tingye will come back. Now, he will also tear his face with the Yu family. No matter what the result is, the little Qin family can take advantage of the fisherman. Fortunately, Sheng Minglan was witty and guessed the cause of Yu Yanhong's death, and in order to quell Gu Tingye's anger, the Yu family swept the Yu Fangshi out of the house. Yu Fangshi became an abandoned wife, lost her glorious days, and hated Xiao Qin who lied to her. In order to take revenge on Xiao Qin's family and make Xiao Qin's life worse than death, Yu Fang's carefully planned to kill Xiao Qin's grandchildren. Her husband was gone, and a pair of children were also killed. Of course, Xiao Qin's daughter-in-law, Zhu's, hated her too. In the end, Xiao Qin died of illness unwillingly. If she knew that after she died, Gu Tingcan, the daughter who was deliberately led by her to become the second daughter of the Da Qin family, was also not tolerated by her husband's family and was imprisoned to death, would she regret what she did? ? She could have lived a good life. If she was a good stepmother, Gu Tingye would truly respect her and protect her younger siblings. Even if her son can't inherit the title, her children can live a carefree life under the protection of Ningyuan Marquis Mansion, and she can also enjoy a lifetime of glory, wealth and honor, and live a decent life. Gu Tingye's biological mother, Mrs. Bai, left early. Therefore, when Gu Tingye was a child, he really regarded Mrs. Qin as his mother, and swore that he would respect Mrs. Qin and take good care of his younger siblings. When his biological mother passed away, he didn't know anything yet. From the day he was sensible, his mother was the only one. At that time, the little Qin family was gentle and beautiful, kind and amiable, and he was too good to say anything to him. When the old father chased, beat and scolded, he would hide behind her without hesitation - he really thought of her as a mother. At that time, he already vaguely knew that his eldest brother Ting Yu would not live long. When he was young, he had made up his mind that if he took up the title, he must be filial to the little Qin family, love his younger brothers and sisters, and do anything. He has always been very kind to Xiao Qin's mother and son. Even though he had already seen the true face of Xiao Qin, he still thought of a way to find an errand for Xiao Qin's son Gu Tingwei. He once told his aunt that as long as Gu Tingwei was promising, Xiao Qin's position in the Gu family would be as stable as Mount Tai. "Don't worry, Aunt. That kind of grievance and grievance is worth my effort!" Gu Tingye saw the worried look on his aunt's face, walked away with a sneer, and got on his horse neatly. It's a journey! After all, if the third brother has great prospects, she will be an iron-clad country in the Gu family!" Gu Tingye really treats Xiao Qin as a mother, why does she have to put him to death? Just because Xiao Qin was indeed tricked by fate, and she couldn't resist or think about it, she vented her anger on innocent people.

01. The daughter-in-law of the dignified Dongchanghou mansion had to fill in the house, and the marriage was not going well, which has already made the little Qin family uneasy;

Before getting married, the little Qin family was also a noble daughter of a noble family, the youngest daughter of the Marquis of Dongchang. When he was young, the little Qin family also had a good life for a while. The parents were arty, and the family had everything they wanted. The little Qin family lived a life of fine clothes and food. Her biological father, Lao Dongchanghou, was an elegant person who could spend a fortune just for a rusted bronze door knocker, while her biological mother was gentle and not good at home. What a good life she had when she was a child. Pearls and jadeites were everything. Every time she went out to a poetry festival, her pompous dress was the envy of all her sisters. However, when she grew up and it was time to talk to her, her life changed dramatically. First of all, since his parents died one after another, Xiao Qin had to rely on his brother-in-law, and Xiao Qin's brother-in-law was not a generous person. Secondly, the family is in the middle, the quality of life is not as good as before, and even a decent dowry cannot be prepared for Xiao Qin. Finally, and most importantly, the right family refused to marry Xiao Qin because of the good deeds of her sister, Da Qin. Sister-in-law's tongue is like a lotus flower, but she sneered in her heart, saying that she couldn't give up a decent dowry? You can save a lot by marrying your brother-in-law to fill in the house. Otherwise, marrying lowly will damage the face of the Hou's mansion, and want to marry high... Although the eldest sister is very favored by her husband, she also ruins the reputation of the Qin family. Jiao, and not easy to raise, is why she couldn't talk about getting married before the age of fourteen. Mother Kong once taught the girls of the Sheng family. In the big family, brothers and sisters are in the same breath, and one is prosperous and one is lost. However, the Daqin family does not understand this truth, or in other words, she only wants to be happy and does not care about right The influence of the younger sister Xiao Qin. As a result, Xiao Qin, the daughter of the dignified Dongchanghou mansion, had no choice but to fill in the house for her brother-in-law, Gu Yankai, who already had two sons. In that era, women did not have the right to decide their own marriages. Xiao Qin's parents died, and his elder brother and sister-in-law were in charge of the house, and Xiao Qin had to marry even if she did not marry. As a result, Xiao Qin set his eyes on the title of Marquis Ning Yuan, thinking that only by obtaining the title can he make up for his grievance that he had filled the house. A stepwife would have the idea of ​​taking the heir, most of which were later used by the old husband; but she was different. From the day she married into the Gu Mansion, she gritted her teeth and kept in mind that she could not be wronged and fill the house in vain, and the future Gu Hou must win It's her son!

02. After experiencing a loveless marriage, Xiao Qin naturally values ​​interests.

If after marriage, Gu Yankai treats Xiao Qin well and is a good man, and treats her like he dotes on Da Qin, Xiao Qin may not feel how bad this marriage is, and will not be psychologically distorted to the extreme. However, Gu Yankai has been unable to let go of the Great Qin Clan, not only for the Bai Clan, but also for the Xiao Qin Clan. Although Xiao Qin gave birth to two children, he couldn't get into Gu Yankai's heart, which made him even more angry. The torment of a loveless marriage to a woman is really cruel. Your man doesn't have any status in his heart, which is also extremely cruel. Obtaining the title has become Xiao Qin's obsession. In her opinion, only by obtaining the title will her life not be in vain. Yi Shu said, "Life is never fair. How much you get, you have to do your best and live hard." If the little Qin family was not led astray by her own obsessions, her son Gu Tingwei made it clear that he did not want to fight. When Ken let go, maybe, she can get a better ending. END, Today's topic: What do you think of the role of Xiao Qin? Feel free to share your views in the comments section.
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